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postgresql + chown

I am trying to install Postgres on a win2000 machine.

I am following the instractions at
:<> for a NT services
installation. (cygwin is already installed ofcourse).

followed all the steps, but at step 6
6. Change ownership of the PostgreSQL data directory:
# chown postgres /usr/share/postgresql/data

But nothing happens. The owner of the directory ist the Administrator.

Then I tried to login as postgres:
# login postgres

But after I entered the password an error occurs: Login incorrect.

Following entry is in the /etc/passwd-file:
I changed it to
After I log in with
# login postgres
the following message appears:
No directory /home/postgres!
Logging in with home = "/".
You are successfully logged in to this server!!!

But I can not change the owner of /usr/share/postgresql/data from
Administrator to postgres.
If I try to init the db, teh following message appears:
The files belonging to this database will be owned by user "Administrator".
This user must also own the server process

But the owner of all the files is the Administrator, even though I logged in
as postgres with no home-directory.

How to add a user with home-directory?
Or what else can I do?
Why is it not possible to change the owner of a directory, even if I am the

Best regards

Heinrich Retzlaw - Software Developer
ETM Deutschland GmbH
Adenauerstraße 20-A1, D-52146 Aachen
Tel. +49/2405/4995-0, Fax -707

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