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More configuration headaches [ sh.exe not initializing itself ]

As I've reported elsewhere, ( <> )
I am being consistantly shot out of the water when I try to configure/make.
I figure I'll need a debug version of cygwin1.dll sooner or later, so today I tried to configure that.

The configure appeared to go well. The make, however, incurred the sameold sameold error in very high memory (ntdll.dll) trying to reference 0x00000010, accompanyed by the " sh.exe application failed to initialize itself ". It then died a horrible death as attached.

My cygcheck can be found in the other thread - it hasn't changed.

David A. Cobb, Software Engineer, Public Access Advocate
"By God's Grace I am a Christian man, by my actions a great sinner." -- The Way of a Pilgrim; R. M. French, tr.
Life is too short to tolerate crappy software.

rm -f needed-list; touch needed-list; \
for f in atexit calloc memchr memcmp memcpy memmove memset rename strchr strerror strncmp strrchr strstr strtol strtoul tmpnam vfprintf vprintf vfork waitpid bcmp bcopy bzero; do \
  for g in asprintf.o basename.o insque.o mkstemps.o sigsetmask.o vasprintf.o ; do \
    case "$g" in \
      *$f*) echo $g >> needed-list ;; \
    esac; \
  done; \
make[1]: *** [needed-list] Error 5
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/test/cygwin/build/libiberty'
make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2

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