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Re: adding users

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Simon Whittaker wrote:

> Thanks for the help earlier,
> Now have another question for you. I would like to add a user that can ssh
> in, however after adding the user in windows users and then adding them
> using mkpasswd to cygwin. I try to login - they are able to login but then I
> get /bin/bash permission denied error and get kicked off. Any ideas what I
> am doing wrong?
> Cheers
> Simon

Do you have "ntsec" as part of your CYGWIN environment variable?  If so,
do an 'ls -l /bin/bash' and make sure it's world-executable.  Do an 'ls
-ld /bin' and make sure it is world executable (and, preferably,
readable).  Also make sure all the relevant mounts are visible from ssh
(i.e. are type "system", rather than "user").
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