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Computer Help - No Charge

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Dear Friend
Let's face it -- computers can be frustrating.
Yet we know they can do so much more for us.  In fact...
Experts agree that most people
use only 5% of a computer's capabilities.
But how can you unlock the rest without wading through a whole load of time-consuming manuals? What if you want instant answers?
You see, most businesses are good at what they do:- but they don't have the time or resources to stay on top of the complexity and rapid change of the computer industry.  Yet poor use of computers is costing business dearly.
In fact, according to the DTI,
80% of companies consider Information
Technology to have a vital impact on
 business competitiveness.
However, most companies "don't have sufficient understanding to take full advantage of technology." -- DTI research report, 1997
Effective computer use can lead to instant improvements in bottom line profits.  They slash costs by saving staff time, improve your business efficiency and help you make better management decisions.
Discover essential computer secrets including...
How to get instant technical support.
Solve hidden year 2000 problems that could damage your data.
Computerise your accounts and slash your accountant's bill in half.
How to use the internet like a seasoned pro.
Solve printer problems before they drive you up the wall.
Gain control over niggling software problems that take you hours to solve.
Avoid the common errors most computer novices make.
When your computer is already in use and you need to calculate fast, this handy calculator is the next best thing!
Discover the top 10 shortcuts in Microsoft Word you can't do without.
Effective backup secrets to safeguard your critical information.
What to do when things go wrong and you don't know who to turn to.
How to save 40% of letter writing time with power-house features hidden in your Word processor.
Achieve amazing results ... twice as fast, and with half the budget using a custom designed database.
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Amazing shortcuts in Microsoft Excel you never knew existed.
Methods of protecting your vital information from loss.
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