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Re: Cannot Build SaveMyModem under Cygwin: Please Help!

Important Update on SaveMyModem!

I have been in contact with the smm author and now the
cvs version of smm builds under Cygwin!  Hurray!

I am starting the debugging process to find the error
that still exists under Win98.  Any volunteers are
welcome to try and find the bug.  I have sample emails
that repeatably crash the program on Win98SE.  Good
candidate crash emails are the daily updates from and also the project tracker messages from  I think the HTML format of some
messages bodies may be the culprit.

Volunteers and gurus are welcome in the bug hunt!


Andrew Lynch 
l y n c h a j < a t > y a h o o < d o t > c o m

--- Andrew Lynch <> wrote:
> Cygwin Gurus:
> Please help me debug SaveMyModem. 
> I am trying to help the author of SaveMyModem (a
> free/open mail filter Anti-SPAM program for Win32)
> debug the program.  Certain emails consistently
> crash
> smm due to some hidden glitch but only on my Win98SE
> system.  Linux, Win2K, etc versions work fine.


> PS, please cc: me on any responses as I am not
> subscribed to the list.  I will be checking the
> archive regularly for any responses.

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