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Re: none

--- Olaf Weber <> wrote:
> Thomas Esser writes:
> >> 3-All the fonts are allways done in the working  directory and
> not
> >> in VARTEXFONTS. The problem is due to the kpathsea script
> mktex.opt. Here
> >> the path-separator is set SEP=';' as in DOS, but CYGWIN is like 
> >> The problem is that such script uses the fact that COMSPEC is
> defined
> >> to deduce that the OS is DOS-WINDOWS. In CYGWIN COMSPEC is also
> defined.
> > Well, kpsewhich knows the separator it was compiled with. So, the
> best
> > fix to this problem would be to add an option to kpsewhich that
> makes
> > it output this character and then use this for setting $SEP.
> > [-> Olaf, WDYT?]
> Hm.  Urgh.  I suppose that could work.
> What's Cygwin's equivalent of DOS drive letters?  Does C:\foo
> translate to //c/foo, so that there will be no colons in paths?


> I do not use cycwin myself, but do need/want some information about
> this kind of thing before applying cygwin-specific patches.  In
> particular, this may help the cygwin-relevant bits survive any
> rewrites of code.

What's the word on Omega?  They still holding out on you guys?


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