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Re: Curious behavior of CYGSERVER

--- "David A. Cobb" <> wrote:
> I discussed above
> ( my
> problems attempting to do a bootstrap of gcc-3.2.   One experiment
> involved firing up CYGSERVER.  As mentioned in the previous thread,
> the
> program went much much much further this way -- make check took
> about 13
> hours!
> In the process, I notice two unexpected behaviors.  The CYGSERVER
> emits
> dots (.) on the screen every little while - perhaps it emits one
> everytime it gets called.  This isn't bad -- it makes a handy pulse
> to
> be sure the machine hasn't just frozen up.  Three screenshots are
> attached fro the make  check run.
> What is really bad is that somehow, having CYGSERVER involved
> defeats
> the stdout redirection.  For example, the make check not only ran
> for 13
> hours, but it also gave me very little clue as to its success or
> failure.

Well be thankful you can get the testing framwork to work at all. 
I'm not going to get into my battles with expect & dejagnu, but let
me just say it ain't pretty...


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