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Re: who is using perl 5.8.0?

--- "Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:
> Greg schrieb:
> > On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> >> >> Are there no problems/bugs with perl-5.8.0?
> >> Yes, that would be great if Pierre or other Win98/ME users could
> try
> >> to build perl-5.8, basically it is as simple as possible, just
> unpack
> >> the Cygwin Perl tarball and run ./, ...
> > I am on Win98, and I ran ./ and it seems to have stopped
> the problem
> > of child processes I was having with perldoc.
> Yep, I saw this too, remapping problems disappear after building
> the
> program at the box where I want to use it (not done with perl
> though).

I tried building perl on a completely vanilla full install of Cygwin
on WinME with no other application running.  I'm still getting the
same error as before [sync_with_child] as soon as it starts the
testing phase.  Gerrit, I think I'm at my wits end.  Nothing at all
(blank) is being displayed in DrMingw when it crashes.  Oh, BTW,
perl-5.8 recognizes db3.1 as a valid db to build the db module
against (FYI).  I spoke with Chuck the other day and he thinks it is
*wrong* for perl to *require* rebasing.  I completely agree, as perl
is required for core functionality.  Perhaps we should get Jakko or
Larry in on this discussion?


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