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install from cd


I would like to install cygwin for a client which has
no internet access. I sent a cd with the setup.exe
program and the wanted packages. This installation
works well on my windows NT machine, but did not
work his machine (program halts before entering
the sellection of packages with the standard Microsoft
error: this program found an error and has to close).

I am thinking two solutions:

1) install manually, sending a zip file of c:\cygwin.
The problem is that cygwin stores information in the
Windows Registry and people don't want me to touch
manually the registry of the machine (they say it is
too dangerous). Is it possible to make cygwin work
without using the registry?

2) recreate a installion cd. Do you have an idea of
why the error occured? Is there a safe way to create
an installation cd? I just need default packages
plus perl. 

The additional difficulty is the cygwin is not a
package supported by the IT department of the company
and they are looking for a reason to forbid me of 
using it.

Thank you very much,

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