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Re: command to open Windows Explorer window "here"?

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Doug Landauer wrote:

> Does cygwin include a command-line command that would open a
> WindowsExplorer window pointing at the current directory?
> Mac OS X has a command in Terminal called "open" that will decide which
> application is the "right" one to use for just about any argument you
> give it.  When you say "open ." in Terminal, it will open a Finder
> window looking at that directory (".", i.e., the current directory).  So
> I'm wondering whether cygwin on Windows has a similar function just to
> that subset of what Mac OS X's "open" does.
>    Thanks in advance,
>    Doug L.

You can write one yourself, it's trivial.  You can use the following
   /cygdrive/c/WINNT/explorer.exe /e,`cygpath -w "$1"`

Hope this helps.
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