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Which font is rxvt using?

I have a strange problem with rxvt and fonts that a search through the
archives didn't solve.

I have two machines, (A) and (B), both running Win2K SP3 (I had the
same problem under SP2 also), with a relatively current Cygwin
installed (from within the last three weeks). I have an rxvt shortcut
on each desktop that executes:

> D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -bg white -fg black -fn "Letter Gothic"
>       -ls -sr -sl 1000 -e /usr/bin/bash --login -i

On system (A), this works fine. I really like the appearance of the
Letter Gothic font and want to use it on system B.  However, on system
B the displayed font is not Letter Gothic (I can't tell what it is),
and each character cell is about three times wider than it should be.
It's unusable.

The only difference between the two systems is that (A) has XFree86
installed while (B) does not.  On (A) I explicitly deleted the DISPLAY
environment variable in Windows (months ago, when I installed rxvt) to
prevent rxvt from trying to find the local X server, and it has worked
(and continues to work) fine.

I do not have a Windows Letter Gothic font installed on EITHER system.
My understanding is that rxvt in Windows mode uses only Windows fonts.
However, I also checked all my XFree86 fonts on (A) and could not find
Letter Gothic there either.

By all rights, I *SHOULDN'T* be getting Letter Gothic to work on
system (A) but it does, and I really want to find out why. Is there
any way to determine which font file is being used by a running
instance of rxvt on system (A)?  Could this possibly be determined by
running rxvt under the debugger?  If so, anyone have any pointers (pun


James Garrison                                Athens Group, Inc.                    5608 Parkcrest Dr                    Austin, TX 78731
PGP: RSA=0x92E90A3B DH/DSS=0x498D331C         (512) 345-0600 x150

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