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RE: SSHD 3.4 : cannot start a different service from the shell


as written in a separate mail (with the wrong subject, though,
sorry! :-) it was caused by the permissions of /var/empty.
After changing them from 700 to 755 it now works perfectly well.



Quoting Vince Hoffman <>:

> Could this be another issue with pub key auth ? (wild speculation only)
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> From: Jochen Wiedmann []
> Sent: 10 September 2002 07:52
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> Subject: Re: SSHD 3.4 : cannot start a different service from the shell
> Ulrich Voss wrote:
> > I have a slightly different problem than everybody else after 
> > upgrading to the newest version of OpenSSH (3.4p1). SSHD starts 
> > fine and I can login as before. But I can't start another service
> after 
> > logging on the machine.
> > I user SSH for tunneling VNC traffic. I have normally switched off 
> > vnc for various reasons and start it after logging in with "net start
> > winvnc". This worked fine for months now, but after upgrading to 
> > OpenSSH 3.4 I get the error "System Fehler 5 aufgetreten" which 
> > should translate to sth. like "system error 5 has occured". I can 
> > start and stop winvnc from the local console fine. Only when logged 
> > in remote via ssh I get this error.
> I can confirm the problem, no solution though. Sorry. However, I
> can supply an additional piece of information.
> The problem seems to be related to the NT security. On the box in
> question I have two users in group administrators: One local user
> and a remote user (my NT domain user). Both can stop and start
> services when logged in via PCAnyWhere. The former can when logged
> in via SSH, the latter cant.
> Any hint welcome,
> Jochen
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