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What happened with your forms processing idea?

We are struggling with the decisions related to wether or not to
          go ahead with our plans to purchase an OCR and forms
          scanning solution.

          An outside consultant mentioned that he had heard that not to
          long ago you folks were considering implementing OCR
          technology to reduce data entry costs and improve efficiency.
          If you could let us know if you did move forward with any
          plans in that direction it would be of great help to us.

           May I  ask
          what initialy prompted you to consider OCR? Did you decide it
          could help your compamy? What software did you go with?
          Would you recomend we take a look at it?

          At present we are still planning to continue our research until
          we decide which OCR system best suits our needs, then
          implement it quickly.
          If you are just starting to consider this
          technology feel free to stay in touch.

 We will let you know what
          we decide on and if it works for us.
          If you cannot advise on this please forward this E-mail to the
          proper individual in your company who might be able to help with


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