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Re: GNU screen-3.9.13 available for testing

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, John Perry wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, John Perry wrote:
> -> LOVE Cygwin!

The funny thing is, I've been trying to post that message for 3 hours
(i.e., before yours was sent) in response to someone else's query...  I
kept getting rejected by the spam filter.

> -> As far as the TERMCAP stuff works, try setting term vt100 inside
> -> the .screenrc file. It's an old hack that's worked for me in the
> -> past. I'm at another site right now so I can't try it myself. We'll
> -> see if
> I tried it but there are still some display problems. Still though it's
> good to have screen back. I can definately live with the 80x25 screen.

I've found (through random experimenting, maybe the termcap people can
explain this) that, if you run screen in an xterm with the size different
from 80x25, the following sequence will make screen adjust its buffer size
to the size of the window:
- '^AS' to split
- '^A^I' to switch windows
- '^AX' to kill the bottom window

Strangely enough, '^AF' (fit) does not work.  Also, the above sequence
only works once, i.e., it won't pick up the new size if the window is
resized.  In fact, the size it picks up is the size of the window at the
time screen was started, so if the window is resized while screen is in
effect, the starting size will be picked up (even if different from
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