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Re: perl md5.sum has incorrect checksum preventing install??

Here is my latest status on this issue.

I have discovered that the perl-5.6*, binutils*, and
w32api* files will always download corrupted with bad
checksums (but correct filesize) on my W98/SE pc when
I use the setup.exe to install them. Also if I do a
ftp or http download outside the installer from a
cygwin mirror site the files are also corrupted, ie.
it doesnt seem a cygwin problem but a problem with my
pc. So far only these 3 files have this problem as I
was able to build the base cygwin installation, etc.
fine with no issues.

One wierd thing is that I learned of cygwin about a
month ago and I had done a full installed of cygwin on
this same machine with no problems. But for an
unrelated reason I had to reformat my hard drive and
reinstall the same OS and it is only now I am having
this occasional but repeatable problem with ftp for
these 3 files (so far).

I have a laptop that I had fully installed cygwin on
with no problem and I tried to bring over the 3 files
from that machine and then to do a local directory
install in the setup.exe but then I get a different
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
abnormal program termination

Unless I can fix my ftp/http corruptability problem or
this runtime error I think I am stuck not having
cygwin work on this pc.

Does anyone know if I can somehow do the install
myself without setup.exe, ie. if I have the download
file with a good checksum on my pc can I just do a
bunzip2 and tar to install or is there more to it than

Also does anyone have any clues or things I could try
to track down why I have a sometimes ftp problem or
the runtime error listed above?


--- Max Bowsher <> wrote:
> Tom Brown wrote:
> > If I ftp the perl-5.8.0-1.tar.bz2 from one of the
> > mirror sites I can do a checksum on this file and
> get
> > the same checksum as in the md5.sum file. But I
> get a
> > different checksum on the perl-5.6.1-2.tar.bz2
> which
> > is the version I want to install.
> >
> > How do I notify whoever made the perl installation
> > that the perl-5.6* checksum appears incorrect??
> I think that your download of the file is indeed
> corrupt. My copy of it works,
> and has the correct checksum.
> Max.

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