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Newspaper listing

I searched for newspapers on the internet and found you listed and wanted to find out if you have a need for generating subscription starts.   My name is Mark Lewitt from On-Site Selling - .  On-Site Selling provides subscription starts for as little as $17 a start with no set up fees, minimum hours required or hidden costs involved.

On-Site Selling's pricing is based on being paid for results.  No set up fees, minimum hours required or hidden costs, our pricing is as follows:

Pay In Advance Sub Start - $19 a start

Carrier Collect Sub Start - $17 a start

We will not charge you extra for training, program start up, data preparation, etc.  On-Site Selling will stay in contact with you on a regular basis to understand what your newspaper is all about and make sure that the program is meeting your expectations.  

We give you the option to test the possible results of your calling campaign by taking a $200 TEST DRIVE.  We will test your program by assigning a campaign manager to preview call into your calling campaign to test the possible results.

If this is of interest to you, feel free to call me toll free at (877) 280-3179 and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  In the meantime, feel free to visit our site below:

If I reached you by mistake, my apologies.  I only email to an address one time.  If you wish to do so, feel free to respond with the word remove in the subject line.  I will not contact you further. 

Thank you for your time.


Mark Lewitt
On-Site Selling
Toll Free (877) 280-3179

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