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Gawk cr/lf problem

Hope this is the correct place for this mail.
I have quite a few awk program-files that ran
without any problems on gawk prior to 3.1.1 -
I think it was 3.0.4.
During the weekend I upgraded my Cygwin installation
and Gawk 3.1.1-2 is now installed.
But - ALL my program-files created with DOS type editors
and ending in CR/LF now give problems.
gawk comes back with error 'invalid char' for each ^M.
I have to manually remove the CR at the end of each line to get it to work.
And using vim doesn't help as it accepts the CR/LF
combination. Effectively I have to open each file as
a DOS file and save as a Unix type file - or force it
thru FTP to strip the CR's.
All would be fine - except in the field - *nix type editors
ain't allways available and something like wordpad must
make do. And so the problem continues.
Am I missing something? Is there an environment variable
that suddenly needs setting?
Oh and yes - I am running gawk in a cmd shell.
But I get the same problem running in bash.
For the time being I'm reverting to the previous version
of Gawk and the cygwin1.dll.
Tx in advance
Kind regards

Pieter Prinsloo
pexy Systems

old Chinese saying 'Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are going...'

Microsoft apparently thinks that R&D stands for 'Rewrap & Disguise'.
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