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Re: Calling all sed wizards! Need a little help with possible fix: Subtle permissions bug in interaction between Makefiles & libtool (Cygwin-specific)

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>>> On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>> I had an idea:
>>>> sedpat6='s,\(-m [0-7]*\)6,\17,g'
>>>> sedpat4='s,\(-m [0-7]*\)4,\15,g'
>>>> sed -e "$sedpat4" -e "$sedpat4" -e "$sedpat4" -e "$sedpat6" -e
>>>> "$sedpat6" -e "$sedpat6"
>>>> but can anyone show me a way without repeating each pattern 3
>>>> times?

> Okay, then...  There is a pure sed solution that doesn't use
> repetition. It's peculiar, and involves a loop.  In this particular
> case, you are probably better off just repeating the patterns 3
> times.  But I'm posting it just to show that it can be done.  Call me
> vain. :-D
> Okay, here goes:
> sed 's/$/0^A1^A2^B3^C4^E5^E6^G7^G/;:a;s/\(-m

Thankyou :-) You clearly qualify as a sed wizard, 1st class!

However, in analysing your solution, I learnt something new about sed - namely,
the t command.
So, I can use the simpler script:

':a;s/\(-m [0-7]*\)6/\17/;s/\(-m [0-7]*\)4/\15/;ta'

Now, to build that into libtool...

Thanks for the help!


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