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RE: Patch for Cygwin's Emacs dired.el and loaddefs.el

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Harig, Mark A. []
> Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 5:14 PM
> To: Joe Buehler;
> Subject: RE: Patch for Cygwin's Emacs dired.el and loaddefs.el
> Ok.  I will look into adding the Emacs Lisp Intro and Emacs Lisp
> manual to the Cygwin distribution soon (unless someone else does
> it first, or someone has an objection) in the 'Doc' section.
  Not sure if I qualify as "someone" wrt this issue, but I have an
  cygwin is for ports of unix tools. I can't see where you have ported
 Why increase the size of the distribution for no possible benefit?

> Here are the packages I plan on adding:
 Right, that's where they are, there and at numerous mirrors.  Why add them
to cygwin?

>Of course, those two packages completely independent of the Emacs package.

>BTW, in some future version of Emacs, the Lisp Intro is planned
>to be integrated into the Emacs distribution.

 Interesting, but what interests me more is:
 When are Joe's cygwin mods going to be integrated into the Emacs
 I've just updated from the emacs cvs archive and I see none of the cygwin
 Are the patches being rejected? Are they even being submitted?

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