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Re: rxvt continuous scrolling possible?

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Tackett, Galen wrote:

> I've looked over the rxvt info file, the official web site and reference
> material there, and even (a little) the source code, but I haven't been able
> to answer this:
> Can an rxvt window be made to scroll continuously while one holds down the
> left mouse button over the scroll bar, or over the up or down buttons of the
> scroll bar? (I believe this is the way most MS Windows applications behave.)
> The behavior I see, which is apparently the norm for rxvt, is that clicking
> the scroll bar itself moves by one screenful, and clicking one of the arrows
> moves one line in that direction; holding down the mouse button does not
> cause further scrolling
> Perhaps the answer has something to do with mouse support? I haven't figured
> out how to make that work yet, either, except for some cutting and pasting.
> I am using the non-Xfree86 "rxvt-cygwin-native" flavor of window and have a
> Microsoft wheel mouse.
> Thanks,
> Galen

Try dragging the scrollbar indicator with the mouse middle button (or
whatever is used in your X server to emulate it, e.g. both buttons at once
on my 2-button mouse).
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