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Re: I found a bug with isblank()

--- Nicholas Wourms <> wrote:
> --- Stefan Frings <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > older versions of cygwin C-Lib did not have the function
> isblank()
> > so I wrote 
> > my own version. Now I found out that the latest version has this
> > function in 
> > /usr/include/ctype.h so I cannot use my own version any longer.
> > Error message 
> > from gcc:
> > 
> > extras.c:32: conflicting types for 'isblank'
> > /usr/include/ctype.h:23: previous declaration of 'isblank'
> > 
> > So I commented my function isblank() out but now I got another
> > error message:
> > 
> > extras.o(.text+0x211):extras.c: undefined reference to 'isblank'.
> > 
> > It seems that isblank() is now defined in ctype.h but is missing
> in
> > the 
> > libraries.
> Actually, it is probably the case that it isn't being exported by
> the
> cygwin1.dll, which means the function isn't in the c import
> library. 
> The function may have been recently added to newlib, so that is why
> you are picking it up.  What is necessary is to actually tell the
> cygwin1.dll to exort the new symbols.  I'll take a look at it today
> and see what is necessary to export it.  You could probably help
> the
> situation by referencing what *standards* isblank() is part of and
> why it should be included in the cygwin1.dll.

Nevermind about the information, I forgot that it is part of C99
locale.  I'll submit a patch to the sources today.  If they add it,
it should be in the next snapshot.


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