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Re: I found a bug with isblank()

--- Stefan Frings <> wrote:
> Hello,
> older versions of cygwin C-Lib did not have the function isblank()
> so I wrote 
> my own version. Now I found out that the latest version has this
> function in 
> /usr/include/ctype.h so I cannot use my own version any longer.
> Error message 
> from gcc:
> extras.c:32: conflicting types for 'isblank'
> /usr/include/ctype.h:23: previous declaration of 'isblank'
> So I commented my function isblank() out but now I got another
> error message:
> extras.o(.text+0x211):extras.c: undefined reference to 'isblank'.
> It seems that isblank() is now defined in ctype.h but is missing in
> the 
> libraries.

Actually, it is probably the case that it isn't being exported by the
cygwin1.dll, which means the function isn't in the c import library. 
The function may have been recently added to newlib, so that is why
you are picking it up.  What is necessary is to actually tell the
cygwin1.dll to exort the new symbols.  I'll take a look at it today
and see what is necessary to export it.  You could probably help the
situation by referencing what *standards* isblank() is part of and
why it should be included in the cygwin1.dll.


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