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Re: Cygwin GNU App driving Clearcase NT

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Romaszkiewicz, Tom wrote:

> Hi all,

Hi Tom,

> I have just begun to use cygwin on Windows NT4, with the aim of using GNU
> Toolchain apps.
> I'm having a problem with GNU PATCH (2.5.4) compiled under cygwin,
> interacting with Clearcase NT (4.2)
> PATCH correctly senses a file to be patched is under Clearcase control, and
> generates the correct Cleartool checkout command line syntax accordingly
> (cleartool co -unr -nc <filename> ), but this operation always seems to
> fail.

You'll need to provide more detail about the failure.  What's the error
message?  Is there an error message?  Can you get the exact command line
that patch is generating and execute it manually?

> Assuming originally PATCH was at fault, I built for Win32, and the Cleartool
> checkout command worked successfully.
> My current thinking is my problem is about a UNIX app driving the DOS
> Command line, and Cygwin needs to be configured somehow? Can someone suggest
> anything I can try?

Not likely.  I use Cygwin and NT4 and ClearCase 4.2 at work all the time.
No problems interacting with each other.  However, things to watch out
for are path specifications.  If your patches uses "\" for the directory
separator, and that's what's being passed in the command, then most
likely the "\" is being treated as an escape character.  This is
especially true if patch is executing the command from a sub-shell (in
which case the *shell* is doing the interpreting, not cleartool).

Time like this require some debugging output at the place where the
command is being executed.  You've got the source for patch, so go to it! 

> Tom

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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