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Re: NTVDM error

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:58:57PM +0200, Andreas Hadler wrote:
> >I've seen the problem of NTVDM-error messages on W2k, generated while
> >e.g. building cross-compilers (powerpc-eabi in my case), sometimes asked
> >and answered in the archives, but I've never seen any confirmation, that
> >e.g. replacing symlinks with direct copies is the ultimate remedy.
> "the problem of NTVDM-error messages"?
> You're working under an apparent misapprehension that there is a known
> problem with symlinks and cygwin.  That is not the case.

There was no offense intended.

I get two (exactly) NTVDM illegal instruction boxes when building an
powerpc-eabi crosscompiler, hosted on cygwin, using a (slightly
modified) script from Bill Gatliff

The first one occurs when "checking for ANSI C header files..." during
"Configuring in powerpc-eabi/libiberty" for the full blown gcc. It seems
to be independent of the source version and independent of my installed
compiler version (if the build process comes as far).

I've seen the problem of NTVDM errors reported more than one time in
this list. The most reasonable explanation seems to be the (undesired)
execution of some non-executable code, like as trying to execute
symlinks, as some posters suggested. So before digging deeper, my
intention was to get result reports, e.g. from previos OPs.

I am in no way under the apprehension that this is a (well) known
problem, neither with symlinks, nor with cygwin - au contraire, it seems
to happen in just some not well analysed cases (mostly because of the
OPs not reporting). If I'm able to help with my observation I'm glad to
do so. But please bear with me - concerning cygwin, i'm just a dumb
user, loving to have the unix tools handy on my windoze box.

Kind regards
   Andreas Hadler

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright
until you hear them speak

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