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Problem with rsh

I've run into a major problem using rsh. Note that I've been using rsh successfully for a while and many people here depend on being able to rsh into the server. However now I get:

$ rsh server id Permission denied.

If, however, I stop inetd as a service and run it instead at the command line with inetd -d then it works fine. Note that "rsh server" also works in that it is essentially an rlogin however we need the ability to rsh with a command.

What changed? Why is this suddenly broken? Note that the server is runing Cygwin 1.3.9 and has been for quite some time without a problem.

Also, on my system running Cygwin 1.3.12-4 I also cannot rsh into my own machine.

$ rsh adefaria id Login incorrect.

Note the different error message. Again, running inetd -d from the command line works OK. I think that perhaps this might have something to do outside of Cygwin like maybe that my ~/.rhosts file is not able to be read correctly due to some change in Windows permissions on the share where my home directory exists. If this is the case what/how do I check this?

Thanks in advance.

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