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perl md5.sum has incorrect checksum preventing install??

I suspect a wrong checksum in the file md5.sum in the
perl release directory is preventing me from
installing perl-5.6.1-2.tar.bz2 or in other words the
md5.sum file in the perl release directory is not up
to date?

I base this on the following observations. If I go to
any other module release directory the md5.sum file
a timestamp that is equal to or later than the most
recent distribution file, ie. if a new version of some
module is made available then the md5.sum is updated
to have the checksum of that file. If I run the md5sum
command on the "less" module I will get the same
checksum as in the "less" md5.sum file.

But if I do this on "perl" file, perl-5.6.1-2.tar.bz2
I will get a different checksum than is in the "perl"
md5.sum file. I also note that the "perl" md5.sum file
has a timestamp of July 29th but the timestamp of the
perl-5.6* file is August 23.  Shouldn't the md5.sum
file be updated to have the correct checksum?

Who do I contact at cygwin to see if this is the
reason I cant install perl and get a repeatable
checksum error when trying to install it?



> Re: problem installing perl from cygwin setup
> --- Tom Brown <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having a problem installing perl from the
> cygwin setup installer.
> If I
> choose to add the perl as a install choice from a
> particular ftp site,
> the
> installer will retrieve the file via ftp but I will
> then get a message
> window
> about a checksum error. The message says:
> Installation error (Checksum failure for
> Continue with other packages?
> I am not sure why it complains about the checksum.
> In this particular
> case I
> am installing on W98,SE. I can install the base
> cygwin and other
> packages
> fine. If I choose different ftp sites it still
> fails.
> I have also installed cygwin with perl successfully
> on a different
> machine, a
> windows 2000 professional laptop with no problems.
> Finally as the last piece of information I had
> previously installed the
> full cygwin
> with all modules on my W98,SE machine about a month
> ago. But I had a
> reason
> to reformat my hard drive and reinstalled the os
> therefore I needed to
> reinstall
> cygwin and that is when I hit my perl install
> problem.
> It is as if a month ago the checksum must have been
> working but now it
> is
> not.   Does anyone know how I can debug this?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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