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Re: Exim permissions

On Sun, 01 Sep 2002, Greg Matheson wrote:

> Now I have to think of my best plan of action.
> Create root user? Set exim_user in configure. Run the daemon
> under the exim account, even though Pierre Humblet's
> CYGWIN.README suggests there is no compelling reason to? Or
> change the permissions on the spool subdirectories by hand?

Answer: All of the above.

Creating the root user seemed to ginger up exim, but wasn't the
silver bullet. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I would have
used a hammer, if I thought that would have helped.

So, I passionately did those other things, naming exim_user=exim and
exim_group=mail and running the service as exim.

And I saw this was good. But, from memory, I still think I was
getting Permission denied on /usr/local/exim/spool/input, the mail
queue, but only for mail from unprivileged users. So I gave it
770 permissions, rather than 750 and it was good. 

And then, I gave
/usr/local/exim/spool/log/mainlog 777 permissions because there
wasn't anything about mail from such users in the log, even
though it was being accepted, and it was good.

Perhaps these permission changes would have been enough. Perhaps,
there wasn't a need for the root user, or to run the daemon under
exim, or make exim_user=exim, but I'm not going back to find out.

Probably there was, because ownership of the spool subdirectories
seems to have changed/been changing.

My problem now is Unroutable address, trying to mail
Administrator from an unprivileged local address, but this looks
like a purely exim problem, probably related to restrictions on
sending mail to root.

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