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Re: BSOD using vi?


Cygwin installs no drivers or kernel-mode code which could itself be the culprit of a BSOD.

That doesn't mean software running under Cygwin won't trigger an otherwise latent bug.

Personally, I find Windows 2000 very reliable, but that is not necessarily true. Poorly written drivers can render Win 2K (or any OS) unreliable.

This is an opinion, but virus protection that runs in an active-scan or "always-on" mode is not desirable. How many valid positives does it detect? Don't you know when you've downloaded suspect content? Check such files manually and leave it at that.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 16:35 2002-09-01, Rob Philip wrote:
I just installed cygwin and am way happy with it - however, whilst editing my X0.hosts file, immediately upon my :wq command, Windows 2000 BSODded on me.

I was editing in an Xterm window, BTW.

I also saw a BSOD at an earlier point when "closing" the x-windows window.

I'm running W2K, Service patch 3, plus Zonealarm, the symantec anti-virus stuff.


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