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Re: Bash Here - Start Cygwin from a folders context menu

Michael, et al --

...and then Michael A Chase said...
% On Tue, 28 May 2002 09:08:40 -0500 David T-G <> wrote:
% > ...and then Michael Hoffman said...
% > % 
% > % On Mon, 27 May 2002, Martin Gramatke wrote:
% > % 
% > ...
% > % > The three installation steps, as described at the end of this
% > posting,
% > % > works but it is not perfect.
% > % 
% > % You might have better results with the attached registry file. You
% > need to
% > 
% > It sounds quite cool.  I'd like to try it myself.  I'll need to poke at
% > it a bit, though; for one thing, I don't have rxvt.
% > 
% > Unfortunately, I can't read it :-)  Can you repost it in .ini format?
% This has come up often enough that a FAQ entry probably would be
% worthwhile.

So I see from the various followups.  Apparently there are lots of ways
to have a BashPromptHere :-)

% For complete coverage, commands are needed for both Directory and
% Drive  The commands also need to be modified if the executable isn't in
% c:\cygwin\bin\.  Because of the extra 'exec' call these startups are

Right; I figured that, too, since mine certainly isn't (util stuff goes
under c:\utils; there's very little cluttering up my root dir :-)

% slightly slower than some of the other suggestions, but no changes are
% needed in cygwin.bat or /etc/profile.

That's good.

% I am not the original source of the command lines, but I no longer recall
% who posted them to
% I don't use rxvt.exe myself.  I have made sure the commands below actually
% start it, but there are probably better options available for rxvt.exe.

Thanks a bunch!

David T-G                      * It's easier to fight for one's principles
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