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Re: Bash Here - Start Cygwin from a folders context menu

Gerrit schrieb:

>>> I have similar working on drives and folders.
>>> Glen Coakley has zipped up some files at his website.
>>> As I fetched them, it needed some tweaking to get it running,
>>> but it is the most complete solution for this issue I found.

>> Gerrit,

>> Thanks for this pointer.  Do you remember what "tweaks" you made?  I'd
>> like to put something in the Cygwin FAQ about this.  This looks
>> useful, but I'd like it to work before I reference it in the FAQ.

>> If you feel the details are off-topic for the list, feel free to reply
>> to me directly.

> Well, it was some fiddeling.
> It worked well but now as I tried
> to reinstall, it doesn't work on
> mounted drives anymore:-(

> It will need a closer look (again).

Ok. It seems to work again.
(Little) Announcement:

I have updated the CygwinPromptHere package.

Fetch the original from Glen Coakley:

AND please fetch the diff here:

Or fetch the ready patched package at my site.
Size: 4k

To install it:
unpack the source: 
$ tar xvzf CygwinPromptHere-20020528.tar.gz
$ cd CygwinPromptHere
$ ./install

Have Fun!


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