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Re: Apache 1.3.22 on cygwin under XP - loosing data

I agree with what you found.  I now can get it to fail on plain html text as
It usually starts to corrupt bits at around the 32K point.  I can pull up
of thumbnails (~10-20K) without a problem. Out of hundreds of bigger
jpgs, 100% of the bad ones are >32K and 100% of the bad ones are <40K
(but it is not a clean break at 32K).  Also, text htmls go bad around the
point.  I have actually gotten it to pick up what looks like data from
file on disk!  I have seen that behavior 3 or 4 times.

I have tried the httpd binary that came with the cygwin distribution as well
as the build you can link to on the "Software" page.  They both fail.
I know they are the same revision (Apache/1.3.24 (cygwin)) but they are
wildly differrent sizes so I figured I'd try them both.

I have not yet download the win32 build at but I might try
that next.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul McFerrin" <>
To: "Dan Dixon" <>; <>
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 2:31 PM
Subject: Re: Apache 1.3.22 on cygwin under XP - loosing data

> Nice thought...  I did verify that all of the mounts are binmode mounts.
> I saved one of the bad images that the browser downloaded and compared it
with the original
> file on disk.  Here is what I've observed....
> - The two files (good & bad) were identical in size!
> - The bad file did contain some \n and \r but there were not adjacent.
> I did a "cmp good_file bad_file" and here is a partial output:
>  32769 172   0
>  32771 377 341
>  32772   0 303
>  32773 274   0
>  32774 333   0
>  32775 234 342
>  32776 204 303
>  32777  50  22
>  32778 262   0
>  32779   7   0
>  32780 146   0
>  32781  41 265
>  ...
> As you can see, it is NOT a cr/nl problem.  It looks like bits are getting
dropped.  Another
> thing to note, I can purge my cache and reload the page.  The reloaded
page is still screwey
> but NOT in an identical fashion.  If it was a cr/nl problem, I would
expect it to be
> reproducable.
> -paul mcferrin
> Dan Dixon wrote:
> >
> > I have the same problem with the install I did tonight.
> > Just a guess, but you know what it looks like?  It looks
> > like a text/binary mode issue.  Any picture that has a cr/lf
> > in it will get trashed, but not every picture.  I'm going to
> > write a perl script to check for this and see if it lines up
> > with the pictures that are getting trashed.  Now I have
> > now idea how to fix this :)
> >
> > -dan

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