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RE: Setup as recommended reading

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nicholas Wourms [] 
> Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 5:12 AM
> To: Robert Collins;
> Subject: RE: Setup as recommended reading
> Hi,
> Before you do bow out, I think people need to realize, as it 
> was stated before, that you are not trying to reinvent the 
> wheel.  Yes, RPM is great for many things, but the goal of 
> setup isn't to be rpm.  In fact, IIRC it was stated that once 
> someone had volunteered to support rpm for Cygwin and it was 
> proved stable, there might be some discussion as to making 
> setup.exe based on the rpm api.  There has been some 
> discussion lately regarding this port and I believe someone 
> has even volunteered to do it. 

Yes. In fact both rpm and have been -partially- ported to cygwin. AFAIK
neither has been converted to deal with in-use-file-replacements, which
is a required capability to be a cygwin-linked installer (for somewhat
obvious reasons).

> Be that as it may, it will still be much time before this is 
> implimented, IF it is implemented.  So let Rob actually 
> perfect what he has before asking for heaps of new features.  
> IMHO, setup seems to be working nicely for the most part, 
> minus a few bugs here and there.  I honestly think there are 
> more critical issues to focus on then the "fluff" of UI, such 
> as getting a fast, stable SysV IPC system integrated into 
> cygwin and releasing an updated binutils with better dynamic 
> library capabilities. 
> Feel free to disagree....

The installer is fairly complete. Howeever I really want to make it easy
for maintainers, so allowing the use of the debian build tools, or the
rpm build tools is a high priority. Otherwise the maintainers here will,
by necessity, end up inventing the wheel.

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