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New snapshot with significant new functionality

A couple of months ago Chris January submitted some significant new
functionality to cygwin which I've finally gotten around to merging
into the current cygwin sources.

His changes add a /proc filesystem to cygwin.  You can see what it does
by downloading the latest bzip2'ed dll from,
uncompressing it somewhere, stopping all cygwin processes, and then
moving the uncompressed cygwin1.dll into c:\cygwin\bin (or whereever)
using the windows COPY command.  You can't use cygwin commands to
overwrite the cygwin DLL, for hopefully obvious reasons.

(And, no, I have no interest in adding snapshot installation abilities
to setup.exe.  Thanks for coming up with this radical new idea, though.)

Once you've done all that you'll be able to amaze yourself by typing:

    ls /proc
    ls /proc/registry

Chris has said that he has no time to support this new functionality
but I thought it was cool enough to put in anyway.  I'll try to fix
any reported problems.

If you do have problems, report them *here*.  Don't send me private
email.  Don't send email to ChrisJ.  Don't send mail to cygwin-apps,
cygwin-announce, or cygwin-developers (unless you actually are
subscribed and want to talk about the implementation).  If you think the
code should be patched, don't send mail to cygwin-patches unless you
actually have a patch to submit.

Have fun.


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