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Re: setup test #5 - RC1

DOH!  It was McAfee.  Sorry for the false alarm.  I'm an idiot.  setup-5 is 
  wonderful.  Turn off McAfee and everything is fine.

Keven Schnitzius analyzed my minidump file; his analysis is below.


Thank McAfee.  Your antivirus filter is most likely the cause of the problem
- I'd give it a 99% probability.  I have seen this before and removing the
filter removes the BSOD problem.

ChildEBP RetAddr
fc4285b8 80454c5d ntoskrnl!KiTrap0E+0x27c
fc428640 804b5d4f ntoskrnl!PsChargePoolQuota+0x50
fc4286e4 fd55cad8 ntoskrnl!FsRtlNotifyFullReportChange+0x46d
fc428958 fd551971 Ntfs!NtfsCommonCleanup+0x20e4
fc428ad0 8041f61f Ntfs!NtfsFsdCleanup+0x113
fc428ae4 f82ab585 ntoskrnl!IopfCallDriver+0x35
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be
fc428b10 f82ac343 NaiFiltr+0x3585
fc428b64 8049cf6e NaiFiltr+0x4343
fc428b90 8044f2f6 ntoskrnl!ObpDecrementHandleCount+0x13c
fc428c44 804abfd0 ntoskrnl!NtClose+0x1f0
fc428d48 804649a1 ntoskrnl!NtSetInformationFile+0x704
fc428d48 77f82e90 ntoskrnl!KiSystemService+0xc4
0022f40c 00000000 0x77f82e90


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