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New version 1.4 of cygwin-mount.el available

;; + Version 1.4, modified may 2001 by Klaus Berndl (
;;   - Now every cygdrive-prefix can be handled (see Commentary below).
;;   - All variables and functions have the prefix "cygwin-mount-".
;;   - Fixes two bugs: Now the match-data is never modified by the package.

;;; Commentary

;; This package does all necessary so you can use cygwin-style filenames like
;; "//D/any/path/to/file" or "/cygdrive/D/any/path/to/file" in exactly the
;; same manner as the normal Windows-style filenames like
;; "D:\any\path\to\file" or "D:/any/path/to/file". NOTE: "/cygdrive/" is only
;; an example for the cygdrive-prefix (see
;; `cygwin-mount-cygdrive-prefix--internal'). cygwin-mount can handle every
;; cygdrive-prefix set by "mount --change-cygdrive-prefix" (e.g. "/" is also a
;; valid cygdrive-prefix). All UNC path-notations will work with cygwin-mount
;; too. For example cygwin-mount handles a path like //HOST/path correct.
;; Furthermore this package enables using all your cygwin-mounts in
;; file-operations. For example you can call all file-operations (e.g.
;; find-file) for a file named "/usr/bin/anyfile" if you have mounted the
;; related Windows-path to /usr/bin. The package also makes sure that ange-ftp
;; will work correct if you are using cygwin-mount.el.

Tested with Gnu Emacs >= 20.6 and cygwin 1.1.8 and cygwin >= 1.3.1.
Not tested with prereleases of Gnu Emacs 21!

Please read the comments at beginning of the package.

here it is:

Klaus Berndl			mailto:
sd&m AG
software design & management	
Thomas-Dehler-Str. 27, 81737 München, Germany
Tel +49 89 63812-392, Fax -220


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