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  • 1999-10-11 17:19 Suhaib M. Siddiqi

    Re: "Accented" characters

    "Too many paramters" error

    $PATH differs in different context

    (update) RE: Idea: xterm or gpm like mouse support

    1999-Oct-15 Snapshot is Great

    Wolfgang Schwotzer/DE/ETAS ist außer Haus.

    [ANN] Apache 1.3.9 (DLL), PHP 4.0 beta 2 ports released

    [ANN] OpenAmulet 4.3

    [ANN] perl5.005_61 update and RFQ

    [ANN] Size: a console resizer for Win9x

    [ Re: cygwin linked opengl app displays only an empty window]

    Re: [FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

    [ Re: windres cant make a child window resource ?]

    Re: [Re: Latest LessTif from solved X Segfault]

    [Summary] re: CD v1.0 : 2 probs, bash readline and info

    accessing hardware

    Another header bug.

    another newbie mount question

    any gotchas with import-lib ?

    Are there any known problems with NT SP5 and the latest cygwin snapshots ?

    Availability of a new release

    Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD

    RE: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD - OOPS!

    Re: awk problems in B20.1?

    B20.1 gettimeofday returns incorrect tv_secs

    B20.1 Read or other input command halts bash shell

    B20.1: CR-LF translation not always handled properly

    B20.1: Thread support seems to be broken in 'gdb'

    FW: B20: 'ash' (not bash) parameter expansion difficulties

    B20: bash parameter expansion difficulties

    B20: Cygwin.bat. Set path line wrong?

    B20: gdb error 1157 (cant find DLL) starting any program

    bash for windows 98

    bash time incorrect?

    Bug in GCC-2.95 in sscanf for long long?

    Bug in gcc-2.95 mingw32 headers, probably elsewhere also

    Bug in sscanf for long long data?

    Build grep without needing cygwin?

    C compilation slow on NT

    cannot find entry symbol

    Carriage return

    CD v1.0 : 2 probs, bash readline and info

    clock() resolution problem on an HP NT box

    RE: compilation problem

    compilation problems

    compiling a linux kernel

    compiling kerberos5 (v1.0.6, v1.1) with 20.1 fails

    Compiling Sendmail With Cygwin?

    Compiling under cygwin

    Conclict CYGWIN-autoconf(2.13)

    Conflict CYGWIN-autoconf(2.13)

    Console Resizer

    converting diff tool to java

    Creating Cross-GCC on Win-NT problems - newbie

    cross assembler on NT for mips?

    cross compiler?

    cursor keys don't work

    Cygnus Web site crashes Internet Explorer!

    cygnus.bat in 1.0 docs

    Cygwin 1.0 "issues"

    Cygwin CD & W98

    Cygwin CD - A sales record!

    cygwin crontab equivalent

    cygwin linked opengl app displays only an empty window =(O|

    cygwin on CD

    Cygwin V 1.0 arrived today

    cygwin's unlink

    cygwin-19991021 crash... 0xc0000022!!

    CYGWIN.DLL Y2K compliance


    D[ char when I hit backspace

    date and TZ

    Date bug affecting gawk-3.0.4 on Cygwin32

    date command in Cygwin B20

    default alignments restricted to 32 bits?

    Did somebody try to compile cygwin1.dll by VC++?

    Diff of dirs invokes Dr. Watson

    DLL creation problem

    dllimport whole classes

    Does IP_HDRINCL work?

    echoing response to xterm

    Empty import table in a Mingw32 generated DLL?

    Executable-file error 0xc0000005 compiled by Mumit Khan's gcc 2.95??

    fail executing large code


    Fix to allow attempted run of non-Win32 EXEs

    Floating point problem...

    For the FAQ: NT PATH problems

    Future releases and packages

    GCC 2.95

    Re: GCC 2.95 (makefiles: missing separator)

    GCC v2.95 doesn't work (a bug?)


    getopts in B-20

    getting command line args with ps

    GNU MFC Library

    Gnu Smalltalk 1.6.2

    Re: gnupg-1.0.0 chokes over make

    Re: Handling CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT

    heeding suggestion

    Re: Help (fwd)

    Help on Cygwin

    Help on Inetd

    Help with bounds checker on g77 version 2.95

    help with cygbash


    how do i compile resource ( .rc ) file ?

    How to flatten the build directory structure

    How to get Started...??

    Idea: xterm or gpm like mouse support

    ignoring case in file completion

    implementing "/bin/clear"

    Invalid Page Fault from cpp, cc, as, & collect


    Latest LessTif from solved X Segfault

    latest w32api

    libm bugs


    Licensing question

    Link f77 (g77) with gcc

    link M$ libs

    link win32 standard runtimes

    Linux on a laptop??


    Looking for a replacement for DOS Windows

    ls --color & LS_COLORS

    make fail

    make, bash, or cygwin bug?

    make_pipe() can sometimes fail to grow file descriptors

    Makefile error, incorrect shell

    Re: Making Cygwin write DOS style text files

    man page installation

    man pages

    Master Wealth Builder..........

    Mesa3d for mingw32

    MessageBox Error

    Mingw gcc 2.95.1 compiling under NT

    mingw32 and winsocks

    mingw32 DLL getting main args?

    Mingw32 Question

    mingw: -lwinmm does not find timeSetEvent

    Mmap problem

    mmap() : whom to believe ?

    More cursor problems in Bash under Windows 98

    mount question


    My disappearing act ...

    Net Start

    newbie link

    A newbie question about using STL with B20

    Newbie question: symlinks and samba

    newbie strikes again

    newbie: full screen?

    NFS like SAMBA setup for WinNT/cygwin mini-HOWTO

    not updating unwritable cache ../config.cache

    O.T.: Help whit Virus

    OpenGL's Header files for Mingw32 ???

    Re: P: nm and MS-Libs

    parse error ? Am I the only one?

    PATH conversion bug



    ping utility or net-tools

    pinter to source for cygwin path convert source file

    porting diff tool source to java

    powerpc-linux-ar problem gcc build.

    Problem about Beta 19 (cdk.exe)

    Re: Problem using rpm on Windows 98 (partly solved)

    Problem using rpm on Windows 98.

    problem with cygwin1.dll

    problem with exceptions on egcs1.1.2

    Problem with Mingw32's gdb

    Problem with very large shell variables

    problems in running nmake from GNU make

    problems linking cygwin in 990920 snapshot

    Problems with DLL creation using LIBTOOL

    Problems with Sockets

    Re: Pthreads

    Re: pwd command output

    Question: Precompiled Lesstif 0.89.0 for B20.1 ?

    questions about using gnu in windows

    Questions on getting SSHD running....

    Quick telnet/rlogin server question

    Raw socket access

    redistributing cygwin 1.0 cdrom

    Re: Regarding generation of Header file

    rint() patch

    rm behavior using under tcl/expect/dejagnu

    rsync not doing the right thing...


    rxvt and less

    rxvt and vim together

    Scrollable DOS Box under Win95/98

    Re: Setting up and using Mingw32 support with Cygwin


    sh doesn't like make's quoting

    Shell scripts on right mouse

    Re: SIGINT, bash and non-cygwin apps

    sleep make overload

    Snapshot and CD compatibility problems


    Socket libraries

    Sort of solved (was: Re: What are these cd errors?)


    Re: speed

    sticky bit

    Strange environment variables

    Re: strtoll() and strtoull()

    stty erase ^H <com1 doesn't work?

    Summary of how to resolve current timezone problem with Cygwin?

    System/Environment PATH entries in "c:\" translate to "/"

    Tcl/TK Icons

    Telnetd Installation Experience Summarized

    Time problem

    Time to release B21 ?

    Trouble with make on B2.0; can't open /C

    Trying to compile Togl with cygwin-b20

    undefined reference to setutent and pututline

    Usage of Cygnus internet pages

    Re: user's guide

    Using common controls

    Using Cygwin created DLL in MSVC++?

    Using of functions-keys (like F1) under gcc

    vi editor not working

    volume pathnames

    We can Cut your Credit Card debt in Half

    WG: failure notice

    What are these cd errors?

    where is the manpage? And problems with net drives

    where to put global .profile?

    Why do nobody ask this question??

    RE: RE: why gcc.exe compilation SLOW on NT?

    Wierd perl problem..

    Win 2000

    Win-MySQL libs??

    Win32 APIs

    Win95 system() Call Help Needed

    windows consoles

    Re: Winsock call to UNIX

    Wxwindows compile error w/B.20.1 and 295 w/Ming-extras installed

    X11 for cygwin CD 1.0

    X11R6.4 for Cygwin Release v1.0? (And thanks)

    XFree86 integration

    Y2K compliance of Cygwin 1.0

    yet another RPC

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