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Re: cygnus.bat in 1.0 docs

On Fri, Oct 29, 1999 at 10:43:23AM -0400, David Alderman wrote:
>Before installing the Cygwin CD, I uninstalled the downloaded B20, etc.
>to get as close to a "fresh" install as possible (this is on Windows NT
>4.0 SP5).  I installed the CD, accepting the defaults.
>I now have a C:\cygwin directory with everything underneath it, as
>expected.  The documentation on Cygwin paths and directories refers to
>a Cygnus.bat file as if it had already been created and should only
>need modification.  Also, the docs mention setting up your root
>directory and associated subdirectories which the CD install has mostly
>Having used B19 and B20, I can manually set up a Cygnus.bat that sets
>up my environment appropriately.  My question is, should the
>installation have created a cygnus.bat or is the documentation just a
>bit "out of sync" with the CD?

Yow.  Another doc bug.  It shows why I shouldn't be a proof reader.

It looks like we screwed up by not including the cygnus.bat file.  There
is not much that has to be in this file, though.  Theoretically, we
should have set the PATH correctly at system startup.  So, the only
thing that I can think of that would be in a "cygwin.bat" file is a
CYGWIN environment variable setting.  Personally, I always just start
bash by just typing "bash".

Anyway, I apologize for the confusion.  I've forwarded this to the
appropriate people, so don't worry, we should only make completely
different mistakes for the Cygwin CD v2.

>If anyone wants to post a suggested cygnus.bat or bash rc for the CD
>install it would probably save me a lot of time (I prefer customizing
>to building from scratch - doesn't everybody).  I think I have a backup
>of my previous installation ;-)
>I still think the Cygwin CD is better than sex (well, almost).



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