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Fwd: Mingw32 Question

(I am resubmitting this in the hope that someone might have further 
insight...sorry about overexposing this...really would like to know what to 
do here) :)

>Hi all,
>I have been testing what I think is the latest version of Mingw32.  It 
>installs under a directory called GCC-2.95 and the date on many of the 
>files is July 31, 1999.  I have a Intel 200 Mhz computer, with Win95 (last 
>version with USB support).
>I finally compiled a very large program that normally had a file size of 
>6-7 Mb (under the Absoft F77 compiler).  When I compiled under g77, the 
>size was less than 1 Mb...that suprised me. Next, I compared run times 
>inside of a DOS window that was created from within Windows, and noted 
>that they were about the same.  The final test was where I got a bit 
>confused.  I have a Tcl/Tk GUI for running this program.  Output that 
>would normally appear on a DOS command line is piped to a console program 
>(got it straight out of Brent Welch's book "Practical Programming in Tcl 
>and TK", page 234) that allows the run to be observed.  At this point the 
>performance diverged.  The g77 compiled program appeared to interact 
>poorly with the console.  It would eventually complete, but it really 
>looked like it was not supposed to be run from there.
>I thought this g77 was meant for compiling programs for Windows 
>applications.  Did I miss something?  Was I suppose to link with some 
>special library?  Or am I just plain using this incorrectly?
>Thanks in advance,
>Mike O'Melia
>"Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?  I'm halfway through
>my fish burger and I realize, Oh my....I could be eating a slow
>learner." -Anonymous
>Michael J. O'Melia
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