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Re: Cygwin 1.0 "issues"

On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 03:48:49PM -0400, Roger Vaughn wrote:
>Try this exercise out to see just how broken this handling is.  Start any of
>the Cygwin shells.  cd to /usr.  Now cd to c:/windows (a path B20.1
>understands...).  What do you get?  The path "/usr/c:\windows".  A horribly
>invalid path!

Hmm.  When i try this and type pwd the path is "/cygdrive/c/windows".
Are you sure that you're running the bash that came with the CD?

You may have been bitten by a bug tha I mentioned earlier.  Take a look
at your mount table and see if you have two root entries.  If you do,

    umount /
    mount -f -b x:\whatever /

Regardless, if this is not working this way for you, it's a bug, not an
insidious plan on our part to eradicate Windows style paths.

>I would like to have all of my tools working together - not create a new
>insular unix-like environment that just happens to run inside Windows.
>Otherwise I might as well just boot up my Linux environment...

Well, the intent of the CD was to provide a UNIX environment.  All of the
advertising states "UNIX on Windows".  I don't think that it is surprising
that you get a UNIX environment when you install Cygwin.

We weren't aiming to create a $99 competitor to MSVC++.

>Is there any way to make Cygwin behave like older version did?  What does
>the community think about this issue?

I hope that the community thinks that you're reporting some sort of bug
which we will endeavor to fix.

>A related question is the "more similar to Unix directory structure".  Why
>don't we stop puttering around and just go all the way with this?  For one,
>the "almost, but not quite" structure makes it difficult to update Cygwin
>components - like gcc.  This actually didn't used to be much of a problem
>for me, since I replicated the Unix directories on my own.  But now -
>especially with the new pathing scheme above, this has become much more
>difficult.  (In fact, mounting my C:\ drive, which has a Unix-mimic
>structure on it, as /c in Cygwin causes some sort of conflict with Cygwin
>itself and everything goes screwy!)

If you would like to provide more details than "everything goes screwy!"
then perhaps we can work on solving whatever problems you're seeing.

There should be no reason why you can't install everything in whatever
manner that you prefer.  The CD installer attempts to create one
monolithic structure which mimics a UNIX environment.  That's what it
will install.  If you want to move things around after the installation,
feel free.

I don't exactly see how changing the path handling code from using //c
to /cygdrive/c will causes problems.  Maybe you'll enlighten us with
more details and then I'll understand.


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