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X11R6.4 for Cygwin Release v1.0? (And thanks)


I've been using Cygwin B20.1 for a while now with
an X11R6.4 distribution (I *believe* it is Suhaib M.
Siddiqi's 11 May distribution, but I downloaded it
so long ago that I've forgotten the original source).  
I've had great success with this setup and have been
able to port without modification some very complex
X/Motif applications from Linux boxes to NT.

I recently purchased Cygwin v1.0 on CD-ROM and installed
it on a fresh WinNT 4.0sp5 box.  I downloaded Mr. Siddiqi's
X11 distribution and another and tried both.  Unfortunately,
I downloaded the other distribution late at night the day
before yesterday, and I abashedly have to admit I don't
remember the source.  In any event, I cannot successfully
link with the unknown distribution -- I receive this error:

undefined refer
ence to `_ctype_'
/usr/X11R6/lib/libXm.a(ResConvert.o)(.text+0x1ae2):ResConvert.c: more
references to `_ctype_' follow

I am able to successfully link with Mr. Siddiqi's distribution,
but when I run the resulting executable, I consistently experience
this error:

    0       0 [main] e:\people\kasper\src\ximgview\cygwin\ximgview.exe
1006 hand
le_exceptions: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
    0   12723 [main] ximgview 1006 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to

I am assuming there have been enough modifications to the
release version of Cygwin that compatibility with these
B20-specific libraries has been broken.

Is anyone aware of a v1.0-compliant X11R6/Lesstif

I'd also like to express my thanks to the folks at Cygnus
and the net developers who have obviously worked so hard
on Cygwin and the contributed software.  I'm hoping Cygnus
has sold enough copies of Cygwin v1.0 to justify adding
resources to the project.  Cygwin is an incredibly useful
package which makes using WinNT almost sane.

Thanks in advance for your time.

-Brian Kasper

 (Please note that is my preferred email address; I'm
 using this Netscape Netcenter account because both my home ISP and my
 employer seem to be listed in ORBS.  Major bummer, that. -B)

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