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Re: newbie strikes again

BTW here is my .bashrc

am I way off?




# aliases

alias ls='ls --color=auto'
alias vim='vim -T builtin_ansi'
alias rm='rm -i'
alias vi='vim -T builtin_ansi'
alias md='mkdir'
alias rd='rmdir'
alias mv='mv -i'
alias cp='cp -i'
alias ll='ls --color=auto -l'
alias la='ls --color=auto -a'
alias s='cd ..'
alias p='cd -'
alias telnet='kinsole'
alias ping='ping -t'

# more_environment_stuff

CYGWIN='tty notitle starce=0x1'

>hi all,
>after searching the archives (and searching, and searching) and trying a whole

>bunch of far out and whacked out things (including three different computers),

>I've come to the conclusion that it has got to be something simple that I'm

>Everything that I try to compile comes up with some type of file it can't find

>during 'make' or 'make install'.  All binaries work perfect.  I'm trying to

>compile src that (according to compile notes) works fine with cygwin b20.
>Because my programming is in it's infant stage and because I can't believe
>software that seems so mature could need so much tweeking just to do a simple

>compile, I'm assuming that I'm setting my path statements wrong in my .bashrc.

>Could someone with nothing better to do post their .bashrc so I could maybe

>analyze and learn from it without burning up the list with basic questions?

>BTW.  I've read the FAQ, the newbie page, and everything else I could find
>the last week and a half.
>Daniel de Young
>Network Technician
>Contractor at Hewlett Packard

Daniel de Young
Network Technician
Contractor at Hewlett Packard

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