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Re: [ANN] Size: a console resizer for Win9x

Sigh. Okay, resize-this-stupid-Win9x-console.exe it will be. That's
probably unique. No, I'm just kidding. Any objections to
"resizeconsole.exe"? (other than length; if you want to alias it to
something shorter, that's fine -- I'm just talking about the default


Steve Coleman wrote:
> "Charles S. Wilson" wrote:
> >
> > A very good point. I had no idea another "size" existed. I'll rename to
> > "resize".
> There is also a standard binary in the standard X-Windows distribution
> called "resize". It's job is to set the environment to the current xterm
> geometry. The X user would first drag the window to the size they want
> then use resize to update the environment settings.
> Since the usage and syntax is different you might want to name it
> something to reflect what it does like resizeconsole (recon), or maybe
> consize, cmdsize, etc..
> The user of course can alias the "resize" command to whatever they want,
> or better yet, make the alias do the right thing based on the current
> terminal type. But it's best not to have multiple binaries named the
> same thing.
>      resize - set TERMCAP and terminal settings to current  xterm
>      window size
>      resize [ -u | -c ] [ -s [ row col ] ]
>      Resize prints a shell  command  for  setting  the  TERM  and
>      TERMCAP  environment  variables to indicate the current size
>      of xterm window from which the command  is  run.   For  this
>      output  to  take  effect, resize must either be evaluated as
>      part of the command line (usually done with a shell alias or
>      function)  or  else  redirected  to a file which can then be
>      read in.  From the C shell (usually known as /bin/csh),  the
>      following alias could be defined in the user's .cshrc:
>              %  alias rs 'set noglob; eval `resize`'
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