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RE: Future releases and packages

--- Andrew Dalgleish <> wrote:
> (warning - flame war on the event horizon :-)
Hopefully not!!

> What packaging system should we use?
As you probably already know RPM has already been ported to cygwin.  This could
be a starting place.  NOTE: If the packaging system itself uses cygwin then it
must be able to find the cygwin dll outside of the package.

> Will the packaging system have to support all possible installation
> layouts?
Well, isn't this the reason there are _SO_MANY_LINUX_PACKAGE_SYSTEMS_?

> It is possible to install cygwin in so (too?) many ways.
> I use a dedicated drive letter for my root mount and a full FHS-style
> tree.
> Other users may want to use a sub-dir for the root, or a simpler
> directory layout.
My thoughts on this would be that the CYGHAT group would provide one style
while the CYGWARE group provides a different style.

> Then there is the text vs binary issue for scripts, etc in each package.
> I'm fairly sure no current Linux package manager has to handle that. :-)
> (We have to support CR-NL in case the user edits a vital file using
> notepad,
> but we can't install text files if someone is using binary mounts.)
Simple, forbid the use of notepad.  Suggest the use of wordpad which is really
the old write program which handles text files with or without the \r.  It will
actually read the \n only file and rewrite it as \r\n.  Now, as for the scripts
contained in the package you would store them with \n only endings.

> Should we say "We support X. If you want Y you are on your own."?
> There will still be a lot of list traffic for the "Frank Sinatra"
> installations.
> "I did everything just like it said in the readme, except different
> because..."
And, how many times have you seen an unsubscribe come through to the list
because someone simply doesn't take the time to read.  You ain't gonna please

> Of course none of these are insurmountable problems,
> but they must be addressed up front.
By addressed do you mean in a README file, printed documentation, some webpage
description or just hashed out.

Earnie Boyd <>

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