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Re: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD

Mr. Faylor,
    Thanks for this product announcement.  I will likely take you up
on this offer.  I'm not sure that your memo answers my original question.  Let me restate things

QUESTION #1:  What is the official documentation for the ECGS
compilers, libraries, and utilities (debugger &c) available
as CygWin?

QUESTION #2:  Is there a single seat price for your product that
I think is called "CygPro Toolkit"?  Do you have a detailed data sheet on this workbench?

~~~ Dan St.André wrote:
> Dear Cygwin Community,
Thanks to your support and feedback, I am pleased to announce the
commercial availability of Cygwin 1.0.  As you know, Cygwin is a
UNIX/Linux shell environment and portability layer enabling delivery of
open source projects to Windows.  You already use Cygwin to help
integrate Windows into your UNIX-based environment and migrate
applications from UNIX to Windows.

With the new enhancements included on the CD (see
for more details), you can now easily review info files and man pages.
In addition, the CD contains a more UNIX-like layout that has been
discussed and recommended by the community. The compiler incorporates
our Code Fusion technology which includes optimizations for the Intel
Pentium family of processors. I am also pleased that this release
contains our graphical debugger, Insight.

The best news is that soon (on October 15) I will be offering the
community a chance to get the new CD and docs for $20 off the "street
price" or $79 (USD).

Here's how you get it: go to , click on the
"Buy Cygwin" link.  On the "SHOP CYGNUS" main page, under the Cygwin
section, click on "Community Offer." The password is "SHELL" - and that
will tag the order for the special price.

Again, this will not be available until October 15.  You'll have to
wait until then to order.

We are calling this version of Cygwin version 1.0 but it is essentially
B21.  It comes with a number of additional binaries from a standard
net release.  Currently, the additional tools are not mentioned on
the web site but they soon will be.  Until then, I've attached a list of
the additional binaries in the "contrib/bin" directory to this message.

If you have any questions about things like price, shipping and
handling, etc.  please send them to .  DJ and I will try
to answer any technical questions in the
mailing list (but please remember that this activity is not part of
our full-time jobs).

I'm excited about this Cygwin offering and can't wait to see this on
the shelves of CompUSA, Best Buy, etc.  The box has, IMO, some really
cool cover art of a shell -- to symbolize the use of a UNIX/Linux
shell on Windows.

Best Regards,
Christopher Faylor
Cygwin Technical Manager
Cygnus Solutions

Additional binaries included on the CD:

a2p	    fax2tiff    h2xs	    perlcc      rview	    toe
addftinfo   file        hpftodit    perldoc     rvim	    tput
afmtodit    find2perl   indxbib	    pfbtops     s2p	    troff
apropos	    fortune     infocmp	    pic	        soelim	    tset
b2m	    ftp	        infotocap   pl2pm       splain	    tsort
bc	    funzip      jpegtran    pod2html    strfile	    unstr
c2ph	    game        ksh	    pod2latex   syslog	    unzip
captoinfo   gif2tiff    lessecho    pod2man     tbl	    unzipsfx
cjpeg	    gnuan       lesskey	    pod2text    tcsh	    view
clear	    gnuattach   lkbib	    postprint   telnet	    vim
col	    gnuchess    logger	    ppm2tiff    tfmtodit    wget
colcrt	    gnuchessc   login	    psbb        tftp	    whatis
colrm	    gnuchessn   lookbib	    pstogif     thumbnail   which
cpio	    gnuchessr   man	    pstruct     tic	    wrjpgcom
ctags	    gnuchessx   more	    ras2tiff    tiff2bw	    xemacs
cvs	    gnuclient   mt	    rcs-checkin tiff2ps	    xemacs-21.0
cvsbug	    gnudoit     neqn	    rcs2log     tiffcmp	    xxd
dc	    grodvi      nroff	    rdjpgcom    tiffcp	    zip
djpeg	    groff       ootags	    red	        tiffdither  zipcloak
ed	    grog        pal2rgb	    refer       tiffdump    zipnote
eqn	    grolj4      perl	    reset       tiffinfo    zipsplit
etags	    grops       perl5.00503 rgb2ycbcr   tiffmedian  zsh-3.1.5
ex	    grotty      perlbug	    runemacs    tiffsplit   zsh
fax2ps	    h2ph

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