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RE: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD - OOPS!


(And all that replied to me)

I realized my mistake about 10 seconds after 
I hit the send button. I guess I got so excited I
was like a kid anticipating his birthday present!

Sorry for the oversight. I'll try to pay more 
attention next time.

With a bit of egg on my face,


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>Sent: Monday, October 11, 1999 5:07 PM
>To: 'Cygwin Mailing List'
>Subject: RE: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD
>I can't find anything with the label "Community Offer." 
>on the Shop Cygnus page.
>>-----Original Message-----
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>>Sent: Monday, October 11, 1999 4:46 PM
>>Subject: Re: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD
>>Sorry to follow up on my own email but I have a couple of minor
>>corrections to my original announcement.
>>1) The URL is:
>>2) The place to send non-technical questions pertaining to sales,
>>   licensing, shipping, etc., is:
>>>Dear Cygwin Community,
>>>Thanks to your support and feedback, I am pleased to announce the
>>>commercial availability of Cygwin 1.0.  As you know, Cygwin is a
>>>UNIX/Linux shell environment and portability layer enabling 
>>delivery of
>>>open source projects to Windows.  You already use Cygwin to help
>>>integrate Windows into your UNIX-based environment and migrate
>>>applications from UNIX to Windows.
>>>With the new enhancements included on the CD (see
>>> for more details), you can now easily
>>>review info files and man pages.  In addition, the CD contains a more
>>>UNIX-like layout that has been discussed and recommended by the
>>>community.  The compiler incorporates our Code Fusion 
>technology which
>>>includes optimizations for the Intel Pentium family of 
>>processors.  I am
>>>also pleased that this release contains our graphical 
>>debugger, Insight.
>>>The best news is that soon (on October 15) I will be offering the
>>>community a chance to get the new CD and docs for $20 off the "street
>>>price" or $79 (USD).
>>>Here's how you get it: go to , 
>>click on the
>>>"Buy Cygwin" link.  On the "SHOP CYGNUS" main page, under the Cygwin
>>>section, click on "Community Offer." The password is "SHELL" 
>>- and that
>>>will tag the order for the special price.
>>>Again, this will not be available until October 15.  You'll have to
>>>wait until then to order.
>>>We are calling this version of Cygwin version 1.0 but it is 
>>>B21.  It comes with a number of additional binaries from a standard
>>>net release.  Currently, the additional tools are not mentioned on
>>>the web site but they soon will be.  Until then, I've 
>>attached a list of
>>>the additional binaries in the "contrib/bin" directory to 
>>this message.
>>>If you have any questions about things like price, shipping and
>>>handling, etc.  please send them to .  
>>DJ and I will try
>>>to answer any technical questions in the
>>>mailing list (but please remember that this activity is not part of
>>>our full-time jobs).
>>>I'm excited about this Cygwin offering and can't wait to see this on
>>>the shelves of CompUSA, Best Buy, etc.  The box has, IMO, some really
>>>cool cover art of a shell -- to symbolize the use of a UNIX/Linux
>>>shell on Windows.
>>>Best Regards,
>>>Christopher Faylor
>>>Cygwin Technical Manager
>>>Cygnus Solutions
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