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Gnu Smalltalk 1.6.2

Anyone have some experience building Gnu Smalltalk 1.6.2
with Cygwin?  The Users' Guide provided with the Smalltalk
reports (see and,
yes, I _do_ mean use the "ftp://" protocol) that things should
be all set for Cygwin.  The trouble is that the .tar doesn't
have a ready-made "make" in it.  There's a Makefile.body
which isn't it and the (sort of usual)
and lib/  And there's a "buildgst.bat" which 
looks kind of a bare-bones thing.

Before I try ripping things out, puttin' stuff in, and
experimenting, is there something else I should try?
I've e-mailed the contact asking the question of them,
and looked at the 1.6.1 .tar to see if the "make" was
inadvertently left out.

         The first thing to do to compile GNU Smalltalk is to
         configure the program, creating the makefiles and a
         `gstconf.h', which contains guesses at the system's
         peculiarities. GST comes with a `gstconf.h' file which is
         valid for Cygnus' Win32 port of GCC and for Visual C++, an
         environment which makes harder to use the wonderful Unix
         tools under Windows 95/98/NT. For other systems, you can
         perform this configuration automatically by the `configure'
         shell script; to run it, merely type:


         Options that you can pass to configure include --without-dld,
         which precludes Smalltalk programs from dynamically linking
         libraries at run-time, and --with-readline, which will look
         for the GNU readline library to allow for better command line

         After you've configured GNU Smalltalk, you can compile the
         system by typing:


         Smalltalk should compile and link with no errors. If
         compiling goes wrong you'll want to examine the makefiles,
         and adjust...

Thanks for any pointers anyone can provide.


 Jan Theodore Galkowski   o   (:-)}

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