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Re: BUG: stdin not a constant

Peter David ROSS <> writes:

>The following code doesn't compile. 
>#include <stdio.h>
>static FILE *out = stdout;
>void main(void)
>    /* out = stdout; */
>    fprintf(out, "hello world\n");

That code is not ANSI/ISO-conformant C.
The ANSI/ISO C standard does not require `stdout' to be a constant
suitable for use in a static initializer.

>The fix is to remove the initialiser and add the line which is commented out.


>However the code I am trying to port has these sort of variables spread
>all over the place,

You have my sympathy ;-)

>and I would like to know if there is someway I can
>get the compiler to treat it as a constant.

I'm fairly sure there's no simple way.
I think you'll just have to fix your non-conformant source code.

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