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"Name mangling", was: pathname conversion

#define PROBLEM 666

'cd' command with GNU MAKE on NT

'Less' help needed



Re: .def files for stdcall functions

RE: .def files for stdcall functions (was: linking problems with

RE: .def files for stdcall functions (was: linking problems with the minimalist version)

:( can't get gnuwin32 to find includes

[Q] Doc++

any luck with tar on a ZIP drive?

Any plans on implementing chroot() in b19?

Anyone ever ever built Gnu32 GCC as cross compiler?

RE: Are Sergey's precomiled binaries(cygwin.dll.....) compatible withWin95?

RE: Are Sergey's precomiled binaries(cygwin.dll.....) compatible with Win95?

Are Sergey's precomiled binaries(cygwin.dll.....) compatible with Win95?

RE: Are Sergey's precomiled binaries(cygwin.dll.....) compatible withWin95?

RE: Are Sergey's precomiled binaries(cygwin.dll.....) compatiblewithWin95?

b18 bash keyboard problems

b18 linker problems

B18 Make fix for rules containing drive:/path

B18's worst bugs fixed in B19?

b18: bug in test -w/config.status is not writable

RE: b18: cygwin_except_handler failure on deref NULL

b19 -- what gcc/g++ snapshot? egcs?

Bash 1.8 and gnu make

bash 2.01 and shell scripts

Bash 2.01 build problems

Bash 2.01 function w/line breaks? Rvxt?

Re: Bash 2.01 function w/line breaks? Rvxt?

bash 2.01/cygwin.dll problems

Re: the bash builtin command `if test -n

the bash builtin command `if test -n ""' (fwd)

bash env parse broken

Bash Environment (Was: Bash history?)

bash for NT/Alpha available

bash for NT/Alpha publicly available

Bash history?

Re: Bash is slow to respond to keyboard input.

bash performance not so gooood

Re: bash problems

bash question

Beta 19 status

Binaries for rcs-5.7 and cvs-1.9

Re: Bug in ... now text/binary mount points

A bug in gcc ?

Bug in od, cat, etc reading binary files

Bug report re: gcc under b18

Building gcc- for winnt

building Tcl/Tk with GNU-Win32


Call for beta-testers

Can anyone explain this CR/LF behaviour.

Can gcc be installed on DEC Alpha NT easily ?

can't figure something out in gl.h

cant find the file

Re: Catastrophic failures in configuration scripts.

compile problem

compile problems with gimp

Compiler Operator Dysfunction

Compiler problems.

concerning a hyperlink

configuration scripts

configuration scripts.

configure scripts: cygwin newbie Question

console mode mail client mailx or mail etc

coolview cygwin.dll and Win95

coolview+less: search dying

RE: CP/M -> DOS, was pathname conversion

cross compiler request

crosscompiling from Linux

Re: cscope on NT

CVS + inetd?

Re: cvs and rcs binaries

CVS with remote access ?

CVS? UWIN? license?

Cygnus/MKS version differentiation


Cygwin.dll does not map properly into the address space

Cygwin32 Signals

Re: Date / Time Stuff..

debash bug

Default compiler behaviour

Default compiler behaviour for b19

Re: DirectX

directx 5.0-i cant find a file it wants

Discuss: Environ, Tcl

dlls, dlls, and more dlls

Does devices work?

Drive letter conversion (Re: pathname conversion)

drop files into vim


EA DATA. SF in B19?

Emacs shell mode question

Environment Variables

exception handling bug

execvp returns after exec.....

fconfigure in gnu-win32?

fileutils, install -- .exe file extension

Fix the heap message

Floaters in WIN32 dll's

Follow up to New Question:

Foreign libraries

Fork Errors from gnu-win32

forwarded message from MDaemon

forwarded message from MDaemon@pruimpit

Found bug in make


ftell & fgetpos bug in b18.

FYI: unimplemented calls as a result of a wu-ftpd compile attempt.

g++ compiler

g++ exception handling bug

g++ on cygwin32

g++ problem / -fno-implicit-templates


gcc -pipe problem fixed

gcc 2.7.2 or (windows-only) snapshot?

gcc compile error

gcc fixincludes?

RE: gcc optimization for Pentium Pro ?

gdb & signals

GDB and Win95

GDB Problem

General Users unabel to execute exe

Getting inetd to work.

Getting Midnight Commander to change root under W95

gimp port

gnu compiler

GNU MP port to Windows 32 bit


gnu-win32 -current or similar?

Gnu-Win32 for NT-Alpha

gnu-win32 gcc compiler error

gnu-win32 more command


Re: gnu-win32@cygnus.,com

gnupro toolkit

gnuwin32 and Ada95

gnuwin32 and Jdk

gnuwin32 and snn

Re: Gnuwin32 b18 "make from source" bugs and fixes.

GNUwin32 IPC mechanisms

GPL and LGPL (was RE: coolview+less: search dying)

GUI Help

Re: Has anyone attempted to port Apache?

Helping out on the list

host port

How "don't rely on the cygwin.dll"?

how far along are these functions?

How to compile the objc-runtime ?

I can't rebuild gnu-win32.

including mmsystem.h (help)

Info pages, BASH setup


Installing cdk

Installing CDK

Installing cdk on Intel NT4.0 with OpenStep from NeXT/Apple

Installing compiler in Win95

Invoke and Run MikTeX on Windows NT

Is it possible to use cygwin32.dll using VC++

Re: is there a bug ?


JNI problem

JOB OPENING in Munich, Germany

LD problem

less with b18


Re: library crossreference

link() is copying on NTFS

Linking gnu-win32 (X11R6.3) libraries in MS-Developer (*.a -?-> *.lib)

Linking problems

Re: linking problems with ...

linking problems with the minimalist version

RE: Linking with ORACLE Pro*C/C++ Libraries on NT

Linux Elf question

mailcrypt ?

make 'export' bug (in b19 still?)

Make shell function doesn't strip \r

make.exe question

make: [install] Error 1 (ignored) and pdksh

RE: Makefile creation tutorial? Where?

Making static library for use in an MSC++ environment

malloc bug?


man page licenses

Man pages [kinda] available

Many bugs fixed in b18 cdk

math library

Microsoft bashing (but not here)

Midnight Commander 4.0 success-Bringing XT speed to Win95

MIME autoconversion


missing library ?

Missing values.h?

Re: Missing virtual functions

More Binary Needed

MS compatible DLL's with cygwin32 (fwd)

MSVC lib

my top two B18.5 wishes

My web site with compiled versions of ash, libdes, and libXpm

Native windows binary generation -vs- Unix binary generation

New patch available

New patch available.

New Question:

Newbie's b18 bash can't find more or less

Newlib for MIPS target

No Subject

Re: Non-receipt of traffic

NT 4.0 exception trap for elvis.exe

NT Shell Accounts

NT/Ada 95 Port

RE: Off topic filesystem question

On-line documentation

One more patch available

one more try.... FW: Warning: No Such User!

OpenGL with GNU/Win32

Overall performance and man pages.

pathname conversion

PilotUnix GNU/Cygnus WIN32 Port

Pipeline problems under coolview 970907

Please DISREGARD: "GDB Problem" from yours truly

Please ignore previous message: reading a ^Z

plotutils 1.1

pointer dereferenced to incomplete type

popen problems

Port of tcsh-6.06

port question

printf/scanf formatting question

Printing from Unix to an NT machine printer?

printing in bash

problem shelling out new processes in Bash B1.8 for NT4.0

problem with /etc/mtab

problem with font-lock

Re: problem with mounting / as binary or not

Problem with rcl resource compiler

Problems in select?

problems using make

Problems with gnu-win32

problems with linker

problems with ls ...

problems with mmap/munmap - HELP

Re: Problems with shell script (bash)

Program runs on Win95 but not NT!

ps, test, /dev/null questions

Question: concurrent users using gnu-win32 tools/shared_init?

rcp crashes when invoked form bash

RE: RCS for WinNT

RCS TOOLS with Gnu Win32

Re: Re comments in gnuwin32

Reading a ^Z


a really elementary question

recent problem

Re: Redirect the stderr GCC stream to file, executing from Ms-Dos shell

Redirect the stderr GCC stream to file, executing from Ms-Dos shell

RE: Redirect the stderr GCC stream to file, executing from Ms-Dosshell

Redistribution of EXEs

regular expression bug

remove my from the mailing list

request: add make.exe to usertools?

Resource compiling.

Re: rpm and chroot

Re: Running X clients with MI/X

rxvt & pseudo-tty's

Security hole in gnu-win32-gcc

Re[2]: Security hole in gnu-win32-gcc / GlobalAlloc

RE: Sergey's login.w95

set env variables

SGI's opengl and cygnus

shared mem & semaphores

shell with scroll bar

Signal handling - HELP!


Size of Arguments

sizeof( struct) in DOS( borlandc) is different in GNU (linux)

Slashes on WIn95 using bash

RE: SML-NJ for CygWin32

Some problems to build source codes.

splitting this list ?

square one


SSH....1.2.20 or 1.2.21

stat (thus du) too optimistic on disk usage

Status of b19

stderr problem in gnu-win32

Strip bug

Structured Exception Handling - will it ever be implemented in gcc for GNU-win32

Suppressing name of running binary in shell windows

sys/socket #define problem

RE: sys/socket #define problems

System requirements

system() call not waiting ?

tape access

TAR, source and binary

tar: setgrent called, and it's not done yet


terminal woes and vim

text&binary file modes

Thanks for help.

Timezone under b18

Trivial question (maybe): how to use swedish keyboard with bash


Re: Troubles with ML software on cygnus?

trying to get telnetd working

Two questions

Re: Undefined Reference??

Using DirectX 3.0

Using DirectX with win-gnu32

using times()



vim 5.0h with error message

vim and b18

Re: Vim?

wait_for_any: WaitForMultipleObjects failed, win32 error 6

the way control characters are printed (or not printed...)

what the heck is wrong witht his picture?

what was that?????

Where is b19

where is netinet/in_system.h?

Re: Win32 API Reference? Also, Thanks!

win32 unix porting project

Win32 Xwin servers


Windows NT Service Pack 3

Winsock problem

wish4.2 problems in gnuwin32

X programs "Segmentation fault" in cgywin.dll (b18) under NT 4.0

Year2000 bug fixing: What do you look for?

yes, why @NN?!(was :Re: .def files for stdcall functions )

RE: Your text files could be be in .html

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