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RE: How create variables to hold directory names on Windows bash?

> Maybe we should quiz people on the words in particular positions
> of the bash manual (preferably towards the end) before we let them
> ask questions about bash? Some older games used this to verify that
> you actually possessed a copy of the manual (and thus, presumably,
> bought the game).  Opinions? :-)

Heck - let's not even let them *use* bash unless they can answer
the questions.  We can add a GUI to bash that pops up an annoying
system-modal dialog that shows a 10-second animated intro graphic
and asks the user something like,

  What is the 8th word in the 1st paragraph under the heading
  of 'Restricted Shell' in the bash man pages?

Just think about the advantages!

  - Windows users will immediately find bash much more familiar and
    usable - after all, a *real* program has to take a few seconds
    just to start up, right?  We could probably peg the CPU usage
    with a busy loop just to make it obvious that when you start up
    a bash shell, you're must *really* be doing something significant...

  - The constant delays when starting up a new shell will virtually
    eliminate all those annoying questions about porting software to
    cygwin, since only those individuals who have managed to commit
    the bash man page to memory will be able to compile anything.

  - The cygwin community will *finally* be accepted by the increasingly
    important w4r3z d00d demographic, who will be able to make 0-day
    'cracks' of bash available for all the truly l33t cygwin users.

  - And, of course, the most important reason of all: it will force
    anyone who wants to get any work done to use B20, the One True
    Release.  The widespread adoption of the ultimate perfection that
    is B20 will, of course, eliminate all bug reports, bring about
    world peace, and usher in an age of enlightenment and prosperity
    the likes of which has never been seen by the world.


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