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Re: up again (Was Re: cp command - problem with sparse[sparse file support under NTFS (Win2k)])

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

P.S. It's good to see the cygwin site back up. WTF happened?

From the notification:

This is an update on the status of / /  It is being sent as "regular email" in the absence
of working mailing lists.

As previously reported, the system suffered a hard drive failure.  In
the process of recovering from this, we discovered out-of-date RAID
firmware which exacerbated the problems of recovery.  This resulted in
filesystem damage which made recovery of live data impossible and so we
have been forced to restore completely from backup.  Fortunately the
backups are very recent.  In particular, the CVS repository was backed
up two hours before the system shutdown.

So, things are progressing but much of the backup is off-site, leading
to some transfer delays.  Once the backup is completed, the overseers
and project maintainers will need to do some checking before the system
can return to normal operation. The current rough estimate for bringing
most things back online is tomorrow evening California time, or Monday
morning UTC. There will probably not be another update mail before then.

Again, if there are any questions, e-mail Angela <xyz@abc.def> who is
one of the sourceware overseers.


The sourceware overseers


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